Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I am having one of those weeks in which exercise is going well but food is my biggest issue.  Due to all my allergies, intolerance, and other dietary complications, nothing I am eating appeals to me or seems like the right thing to eat.

For example: Usually I love eating salads at lunch.  But, right now lettuce totally grosses me out.  So, I think about making myself some stir fry for lunch because at least that has vegetables in it.  But, then I feel guilty for not eating fresh veggies (I usually get the frozen, bagged veggies for stir fries).  In the end, I am holding off eating (due to my food confusion) until I am so hungry that then I pick up the first thing I can grab which is usually junk.

Like I always say, if I never had to eat again I would be a very happy person.

People have offered me recipes and meal ideas but this doesn't help either.  Eating for me is something where no matter what I eat I always chance getting sick. For example: I ate a slice of gluten free cheese yesterday.  I have no idea why but for the next four hours I was sick as a dog from it.  And, this is why I have begun to get weird about food. 

Anyway, I am not complaining.  Just sharing the journey with you all.  Hope that your food week is going better than mine.

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  1. On the frozen food, don't worry about guilt. I've read many places that frozen vegetables can actually be better for us than fresh, as frozen veggies are flash-frozen shortly after harvest whereas fresh vegetables from the produce department were harvested several days in the past and have sat around leeching nutrients and so forth.

    So don't stress on the frozen. On the plus side also, they take WAY longer to spoil. For me, it's a win/win :)

    I'm sorry you're having a bad run of it food-wise.