Saturday, June 30, 2012


Today is the 9th day that I have not had a sweet treat.   That in itself is amazing enough.  But, two other things are now happening that I find equally amazing:

1) I could care less about food.  I am literally eating half of what I used to and only care about food when I get hungry.

2) Realizing now that in addition to giving up sweet treats I also need (for health purposes) to give up dairy.  I am noticing that when I eat dairy I don't feel that well.  I've known that I have needed to do this for a while but couldn't make myself to give it up.  Now, I just don't care about cheese.  I would rather have a black belt than cheese.

Whatever weird emotional attachment I had to food seems to be disappearing.  I am intensely grateful for this freedom and ability to focus in on what I really want for my life.

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