Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 7-No sweet treats

Today is day 7 of no sweet treats. 

I am pretty amazed that I have gone this long without any.  I am feeling so much better without all that extra sugar in my system.  And, yesterday the scale showed that a few pounds have come off.  I am feeling pretty happy overall.

The question now becomes will I ever allow myself to eat a sweet treat again?  I've been thinking about this for the last few days.  Having given up on all that sugar I can now clearly see how eating sweet treats sets you up to feel hungrier over all.  Sugar just makes your blood sugar drop which makes you feel hungry, so you eat again taking in more calories than you really need.  I definitely don't wish to start that cycle all over again.  I love being able to eat so much less food overall.  It is nice not to be constantly thinking about food.  But, I don't want to set up strict food rules for myself that I then stress over.  So, today I think I figured out my answer.  I will eat sweet treats only if they look really, really good.  Like if my mother-in-law bakes a gluten free treat for me on Christmas or Easter.  Her baked goods are worth it.  But, regular store bought items or regular chocolate doesn't seem worth eating any more.

Once again, thank you Slimpods for creating great products that really help to support working towards my goals!!

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