Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Leptin part 1

I had hoped to have time to write a great posting and all of the information I found out this weekend concerning Leptin. But, I am short on time this week. So, let me just briefly spell it out for you and hopefully later I can list some supporting evidence.

Leptin is a chemical that your fat cells release to tell your brain not to eat.  Just about all people who are over weight are "leptin resistant".  Similiar to insulin resistence, leptin resistince is when the brain is no longer able to pick up the leptin to recieve the message to stop eating.  They have found that this is the case in almost all over weight/obese people because of triglycerides in the blood stream (in fact one article stated you would have to be a very special case to be over weight and not have this issue).  Triglycerides apparently stop leptin from crossing the brain blood barrier and therefore leptin can't communicate with the brain.  So, if you are like me and always feel hungry and never feel satisfied from your food this is probably a major reason (although don't under estimate the power of emotional eating which has the same symptoms).

Now, triglycerides are part of the lipid (fat) panel your doctor should be testing every year along with things like good and bad cholesterol.  But, triglycerides don't come from eating too much fat instead they come from eating too many simple carbs and sugar.  Traditionally scientists thought that leptin resistance was caused by eating fatty foods but now that is starting to be disproved.  Now science seems to be realizing that a low carb diet works better on correcting the leptin/triglyceride issue.  This is why so many people who have used a low carb/paleo diet may have been able to stick with those diets because for the first time in a while the person wasn't raveneously hungry and was able to lower their calorie in take.

But, new information is starting to come out about how to deal with resetting your body to better deal with leptin.  This information suggests that moderately brisk exercise does a better job at healing leptin resistance than modifying food choices.  In an article I read over the weekend (I believe it was in "First for woman") it quoted some studies that found moderately brisk walks of 30 minutes or more, done five days a week, will correct this situation as well.

Why is this so important to me? 
1) I am always hungry which is really annoying.
2) Low fat diets only leave me starving and in a bad mood.
3) About a year ago I did kettlebell training which was amazing but it is a very high intensity workout that left me ravenious afterwards.  I believe it was just too tough of a training workout and instead of helping me lose weight I gained weight on it.  But, I still believed if you didn't kill yourself working out you were not doing enough.
4) this study gives me permission to just do walking or kata as my workout because I can still lose weight while not killing myself or increasing my apetite.

(I wrote this quickly and don't have time to really proof read it so hopefully it makes sense)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

piece of my puzzle

I don't have time to write a full blog now but I just ran across some research that I think is the missing part of my weight loss issue and will hopefully help some other people at the same time.  I hope to have it all written out by Monday.  Have a great weekend and see you Monday.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I iced my foot a lot yesterday, took a ton of advil, and stayed off of it in general.  Today that pain has gone away.  Thank God!  I am going to do that same protocol for one more day and return to exercise tomorrow. 

Getting yet another injury made me so depressed yesterday.  When you start to feel you are powerless to change your life for the better it can really knock you down emotionally.  I had a long think over all of this yesterday and here is what I figured out:

1)  I am putting so much pressure on myself that there is no way I can succeed.  Don't get me wrong, I desperately want to get the weight off, get back to the dojo, and try for a baby.  But, I have to get the "desperate" out of my life or nothing good will ever happen.  I literally find myself thinking about this issue all of the time and frequently have small panic attacks over it.  No good can come from being that worked up about anything.

2)  In speaking with one of my good friends named Dori, I got a great perspective on dieting.  She and I bonded years ago over our weight issues.  We have gone around the same moutain over and over again doing every diet known to mankind but never really gettting any weight off.  The thing that we both have had success in is having some faith and just focussing on fruits and vegtables.  We both have indiviually done really well when we make certain each meal is built around several servings of vegtables and having some fruit for a treat.  Doing that seems to take care of everything else.  She has been really focussed on this since doing a "diet free" workshop with the dietician named Zonya Focco.  Doris isn't worried about every aspect of that program.  All she is doing is focussing on fruit and vegtables and she has lost a ton of weight.  She kindly reminded me this morning that when I have done the same I have also lost a ton of weight. (side note-I am starting to not like the paleo movement.  It is starting to turn into a religion instead of just a way of eating.  And, now a lot of important people in the paleo community are saying to only eat meat and not to even eat vegtables.  I think that is nuts. So you decide how you feel on that issue.)

3) The only exercise that has never hurt me is doing kata.  Especially when I go through each punch, block, and kick as a warm up and then go through each kata.  That usually takes me about an hour to do.  So, I really think that is all that I am going to do for a while.  As I get stronger I will add more.  For right now I think that is enough.  And, at least, it is working towards my goal of getting back to the dojo.

To sum it all up, I am just trying to get the stress out of my life, make things simple, and just try to get healthy.  The rest will take care of itself.
Hope you are having a great day!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

9,000 steps forward, One major step back

I've been feeling pretty happy because I felt I was making some major progress with my walking.  That is until last night.  Injury strikes again.  The muscle that connects the front of your foot to your leg started giving me problem last night.  I was woken up all night with a seering, shoting pain that wouldn't stop.  It feels like an over use injury.  Which means somehow I hurt it yesterday while walking.

I am so frustrated.  I don't even know what to do at this point.  It makes perfect sense that a person over 300lbs. is going to hurt themselves when exercising but that I am doing it almost every week is beyond maddening.

It makes me think that what I need to do is count calories (or points on weight watchers, contrary to what I wrote yesterday) and just get off 30-40lbs. my cutting my food intake. Then start to work on exercise.  I honestly don't know which end is up so if you have any advice to offer I am totally up for hearing it.  Thanks!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Interesting article


This is a great article.  It explains the connection between blood sugar and sugar cravings/binges.


Just wanted to post my steps for the day 9306.  I will try to do this most nights now.  Hope you had a great day!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sept. 18, 2011

The great thing about having a blog this long is that I can go back and re-read it from time to time.  I've been thinking of revisiting Weight Watchers, that is until I re-read my experience with it in May.  Now, I am thinking that would not be the best move on my part.  Still thinking about just doing some general calorie counting for a few days just to check myself.

Although I am feeling extremely stressed out to get the weight off I am trying not to give into the stress.  I read a great article this week about how people tend to be more successful in their weight loss efforts if they just make small changes over time. Usually I do just the opposite.  I try to change everything all at once, get overwhelmed, and fail miserably.

Last week I started using my pedometer religiously and that has actually been the first really positive thing I have done in a while.  I love being able to track the number of steps I take.  It is so instantly gratifying.  So, that was the first small change I made that I was able to stick with.  Last week my step goal for each day was 8,000.  This week I am trying for 8,500.  I want to slowly build up each week so I don't blow out my knee.

The article I read (in this weeks Woman's World) listed four important steps to slowly impliment into your life in order to lose weight for the long term (apparently this is part of the "sparks people" website diet plan.  It is a free website if you are looking for a good weight loss program.  I personally know people who have lost a lot of weight using it).  The steps listed in the article are:

1) Start a food log-just by writing things down you will gradually start to make better choices and eating less.  So, there is no need to even get crazy about tracking calories or points at first.
2) Add "anti-hunger" food at each sitting-they said protein was the best "anti-hunger" food. (I know this to be true)
3) Eat five times a day-the article stated that research shows that people who eat at regular intervals have less hunger and slightly higher metabolisms.  This goes against what I have been doing which is trying to eat intuatively.  But, often I go too long without eating and then over eat due to being too hungry.  Thinking about giving this a try.
4)Add a little exercise-article stated that studies show that dieters who exercise lose about 3x's more weight than by diet alone.  Well, that is a nice thing to read but I was going to exercise anyway.

I have to really sit down with this information tomorrow and set up some small goals for myself for the next week.  More about that later.

Hope that you have a great week!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blast for the not so distant past

Thanks to my Sensei for telling our friend Joe about this blog.  It has helped Joe and I reconnect and now we are forming an accountablility group for one another.  We are both working to get our black belts and get back into shape.  Joe has really been supportive and encouraging which has given me a big kick in the butt to get going again.  Thanks Joe!  Thanks Sensei!

On a little side note I just have to say how touched I am that the people from the dojo, some of whom I haven't seen for ten years, still care enough to reach out.  I have always said that the best people I have ever known were from the dojo.  Much of that is to Sensei's credit for creating a great enviroment at the school.  But, it is all just pretty amazing.

Anyway, I was glad I was about to get about 5-6lbs. off this week.  That small victory has made me really want to keep going with my weight loss.  I am thinking about breaking out my Weight Watchers information just to start tracking my food intake at home.  When I go to the meetings I tend to get obsessive.  But maybe if I just do it at home, for myself, I can be better balanced about the whole thing.  I am going to take tomorrow and really think about if I can do it or not.

Have a great Saturday night everyone!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

I got the old computer to work so now I can do some blogging from home again.

Tuesday of this week was really a bad, bad day for me.  Here is why.  I mentioned that I was on a medication that required me to eat more to pad my stomach from its ill effects.  I also told you that I had gained quite a bit of weight from that but I never told you how much.  Today I feel emotionally prepared to share with you (writing that last line while laughing at myself).  On Tuesday I weighed 316lbs.  That hit me really hard.  But, I am glad to say that today my weight is going in a downward direction and today the scale read 311lbs.

What I have learned from this episode is a few key things:
1)Grains make me fat.  I had been eating rice crackers to calm my stomach down and I felt so bloated from them.
2)Milk products make me feel the same way.  I had been eating yogurt and cottage cheese to buffer my stomach as well.
3)Walking is enough to bring your weight down.  I was always a person who felt if you weren't killing yourself doing cardio you weren't doing enough. But, I have been just focusing on getting my steps in per day (that includes taking walks but also includes house cleaning, kata, & grocery shopping-every day "ambient activity") and that has been enough.

The equation seems to be lower carb diet (primal blueprint) and walking.  This week my knee has been hurting so I am not even pushing the walking that hard.  I have been averaging about 8,000 steps per day.  I am sure the amount it takes varies from person to person.  But, a pedometer is a great investment.

Have a great day!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Inspirational story

click here for story

I am posting the link to this story as I found it very inspirational.  This woman lost a massive amount of weight in just eight months by simply cutting back her food portions, eating healthier, and exercising. She didn't follow any specific diet plan!  She doesn't say exactly how much she lost but she does say she dropped 8 dress sizes in 8 months.  And, her starting weight was 218lbs. (a stone is equal to 14lbs.).

I've got my pedometer on this morning and as of 7:30a.m. I have about 500 steps in.  Trying to get my day organized to take a good, long walk.  And, I am able to blog this morning because my hubby left his laptop at home today!  Hope you are having a great day!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Joe part 2 & update

Joe, I definitely got the right person on facebook but originally I sent you an email.  But, as of tonight I have sent you a friend request.

Just a quick update:  So, I hurt my shoulder in March doing downward dog in yoga.  Over the holiday weekend my whole back started spasming from the injury. I went to my doc who put me on industrial strength advil.  That, in turn, had royally ripped up my stomach.  I started eating more to cushion my stomach from the advil (per the pharmacist).  Got up this morning and weighed myself.  I have gained a ton of weight back and I am now wicked pissed.  So, I stopped the advil (still had a week left on the prescription) and am doing everything I can get get this freaking weight off already.

Since I am injury prone at this point, all the exercise I can do (without injury) is walking, kata, and the boxing game on Wii.  I am now obsessing over the numbers on my pedometer.  I may start posting my numbers on a daily basis.  Today it was about 8500.  I have to work up to 10,000 slowly due to my knee.

I have a friend on facebook who lost a ton of weight doing two things:
1) walking at least 10,000 steps a day (every 2,000 steps is equal to one mile) but now she is up to 20,000 a day
2) kept her calorie in take to 1500.

this is basically where I am headed (while still eating per my paleo style of eating).  So stay tune as I do my best to get myself moving again!!  BTW-since my computer is totally down for the count I will be updating this page in the evenings (once my husband brings his laptop home from work) so look for updates after 7p.m. est.  Hope you are having a great day.  And, Joe please say hello to Sensei, Rob, and Keith for me :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Joe, if you are out there please check your facebook account.  If you did not receive an email from me about this blog please let me know.  If you didn't then I messaged the wrong Joe.  Please leave a comment for me on this blog.  THANKS!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I am still here

My laptop issues persist but I have stolen my husband's laptop in order to give you all a little up date. I am still working on my weight issues but trying to focus on exercise more than starving myself.  Got my husband on board with this whole thing and now we are working together to get our health back on track which is a huge help to me.  Thanks everyone for reading this.  I will post again this week.
Special thanks to Joe for reaching out to me.  Hopefully I found you on facebook (left you a little message in the last post's comment section).
Talk to you all soon!