Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Joe part 2 & update

Joe, I definitely got the right person on facebook but originally I sent you an email.  But, as of tonight I have sent you a friend request.

Just a quick update:  So, I hurt my shoulder in March doing downward dog in yoga.  Over the holiday weekend my whole back started spasming from the injury. I went to my doc who put me on industrial strength advil.  That, in turn, had royally ripped up my stomach.  I started eating more to cushion my stomach from the advil (per the pharmacist).  Got up this morning and weighed myself.  I have gained a ton of weight back and I am now wicked pissed.  So, I stopped the advil (still had a week left on the prescription) and am doing everything I can get get this freaking weight off already.

Since I am injury prone at this point, all the exercise I can do (without injury) is walking, kata, and the boxing game on Wii.  I am now obsessing over the numbers on my pedometer.  I may start posting my numbers on a daily basis.  Today it was about 8500.  I have to work up to 10,000 slowly due to my knee.

I have a friend on facebook who lost a ton of weight doing two things:
1) walking at least 10,000 steps a day (every 2,000 steps is equal to one mile) but now she is up to 20,000 a day
2) kept her calorie in take to 1500.

this is basically where I am headed (while still eating per my paleo style of eating).  So stay tune as I do my best to get myself moving again!!  BTW-since my computer is totally down for the count I will be updating this page in the evenings (once my husband brings his laptop home from work) so look for updates after 7p.m. est.  Hope you are having a great day.  And, Joe please say hello to Sensei, Rob, and Keith for me :)

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