Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

I got the old computer to work so now I can do some blogging from home again.

Tuesday of this week was really a bad, bad day for me.  Here is why.  I mentioned that I was on a medication that required me to eat more to pad my stomach from its ill effects.  I also told you that I had gained quite a bit of weight from that but I never told you how much.  Today I feel emotionally prepared to share with you (writing that last line while laughing at myself).  On Tuesday I weighed 316lbs.  That hit me really hard.  But, I am glad to say that today my weight is going in a downward direction and today the scale read 311lbs.

What I have learned from this episode is a few key things:
1)Grains make me fat.  I had been eating rice crackers to calm my stomach down and I felt so bloated from them.
2)Milk products make me feel the same way.  I had been eating yogurt and cottage cheese to buffer my stomach as well.
3)Walking is enough to bring your weight down.  I was always a person who felt if you weren't killing yourself doing cardio you weren't doing enough. But, I have been just focusing on getting my steps in per day (that includes taking walks but also includes house cleaning, kata, & grocery shopping-every day "ambient activity") and that has been enough.

The equation seems to be lower carb diet (primal blueprint) and walking.  This week my knee has been hurting so I am not even pushing the walking that hard.  I have been averaging about 8,000 steps per day.  I am sure the amount it takes varies from person to person.  But, a pedometer is a great investment.

Have a great day!!!


  1. Walking is great! I tend to range from 7 - 10K a day, depending on if I do my 40 minutes on the treadmill or not. My job is terribly sedentary, so for me it's vital to get up and move deliberately most days of the week.

    I'm glad for you that you're done with the meds -- stuff that makes me have to eat to pad my stomach really frustrates me.

  2. Hey Amanda, you walk a lot!! LOL! I am sure you know that already. I am hoping to work my way up to your level. I think that would be ideal. Hope you are doing well!! Thanks for checking in.

    300lbs dragon