Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I iced my foot a lot yesterday, took a ton of advil, and stayed off of it in general.  Today that pain has gone away.  Thank God!  I am going to do that same protocol for one more day and return to exercise tomorrow. 

Getting yet another injury made me so depressed yesterday.  When you start to feel you are powerless to change your life for the better it can really knock you down emotionally.  I had a long think over all of this yesterday and here is what I figured out:

1)  I am putting so much pressure on myself that there is no way I can succeed.  Don't get me wrong, I desperately want to get the weight off, get back to the dojo, and try for a baby.  But, I have to get the "desperate" out of my life or nothing good will ever happen.  I literally find myself thinking about this issue all of the time and frequently have small panic attacks over it.  No good can come from being that worked up about anything.

2)  In speaking with one of my good friends named Dori, I got a great perspective on dieting.  She and I bonded years ago over our weight issues.  We have gone around the same moutain over and over again doing every diet known to mankind but never really gettting any weight off.  The thing that we both have had success in is having some faith and just focussing on fruits and vegtables.  We both have indiviually done really well when we make certain each meal is built around several servings of vegtables and having some fruit for a treat.  Doing that seems to take care of everything else.  She has been really focussed on this since doing a "diet free" workshop with the dietician named Zonya Focco.  Doris isn't worried about every aspect of that program.  All she is doing is focussing on fruit and vegtables and she has lost a ton of weight.  She kindly reminded me this morning that when I have done the same I have also lost a ton of weight. (side note-I am starting to not like the paleo movement.  It is starting to turn into a religion instead of just a way of eating.  And, now a lot of important people in the paleo community are saying to only eat meat and not to even eat vegtables.  I think that is nuts. So you decide how you feel on that issue.)

3) The only exercise that has never hurt me is doing kata.  Especially when I go through each punch, block, and kick as a warm up and then go through each kata.  That usually takes me about an hour to do.  So, I really think that is all that I am going to do for a while.  As I get stronger I will add more.  For right now I think that is enough.  And, at least, it is working towards my goal of getting back to the dojo.

To sum it all up, I am just trying to get the stress out of my life, make things simple, and just try to get healthy.  The rest will take care of itself.
Hope you are having a great day!


  1. I think that sounds like a plan :) You'll work out what works best for you. What works best for me has morphed over the past few years while I've been actively working on weight loss, and it's all about the right way right now rather than One! True! Right! Way!

  2. Thanks for your support and words of wisdome Amanda. This is the first time I have felt any peace about trying to lose weight since I started this blog. Thanks again!!!

    300lbs dragon