Thursday, September 15, 2011

Inspirational story

click here for story

I am posting the link to this story as I found it very inspirational.  This woman lost a massive amount of weight in just eight months by simply cutting back her food portions, eating healthier, and exercising. She didn't follow any specific diet plan!  She doesn't say exactly how much she lost but she does say she dropped 8 dress sizes in 8 months.  And, her starting weight was 218lbs. (a stone is equal to 14lbs.).

I've got my pedometer on this morning and as of 7:30a.m. I have about 500 steps in.  Trying to get my day organized to take a good, long walk.  And, I am able to blog this morning because my hubby left his laptop at home today!  Hope you are having a great day!!

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