Sunday, May 27, 2012

T-Tapp Boot camp-results

I took pictures today and took measurements.  Before I tell you all of the results, I will first mention that on the inside of my body there has been HUGE change.  All of my aches and pains are gone.  I am standing so much taller.  I have so much more energy.  I really feel good compared to how I felt two weeks ago.  And, to be honest, it feels like I have shrunk everywhere.

The pictures do show change.  It isn't night and day dramatic change.  But, there is definite change and improvement.  The measurements got a little messed up.  My husband's original measurements of me apparently were not done properly on some areas.  So, I don't have a proper total for you.  But, it is about an inch down just about everywhere on my body.  And, I know this is true since my regular jeans are baggy on me.  Shirts that were too tight in the arms are now baggy as well.  And, a pair of Capri pants that I stopped wearing last summer because they were too tight around my calves are now lose in that area and I can wear them again.  My favorite thing that has happened is that my dowager hump is almost totally gone.  I no longer look my Russian grandmother.  Thank God!!

I am not ready to post pictures.  Maybe at some point in the future.

Tomorrow starts the next six weeks of the boot camp.  You do the Basic T-Tapp workout every other day and some kind of cardio workout on the off days.  At the end of the sixth week starts another boot camp consisting of seven days.  It continues in this way until you reach the size you wish to be.  Since my result were so good I am going to keep going with T-Tapp and hopefully make a lot of progress by Christmas.  Wish me luck!

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