Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weight lifting

As I posted before, I am really looking into finding a weight lifting program.  I've done about a weeks worth of research and have come up with a program.  It is a Beachbody program called "Les Mills Pump"

The program only uses low weights (5 and 10lbs. weights) and a lot of reps.  It doesn't so much build muscle as lengthen muscle and burn fat.  One of the things I really like about this program is that it is broken into three different phases that correspond to different goals.  The first phase uses shorter workout for weight loss.  From my kettlebell days, I learned that for me to lose weight the workouts have to be short but intense.  So, I am hoping the Pump workout for weight loss will actually work for me.

After doing all my research and presenting it to my husband, I think I have gotten him excited to use the program as well.  Now all we have to do is save up the $200.00 for the program.  Yup, that is pretty expensive but you get a lot for your money.  You get a whole DVD set and weights. 

Hoping to order it towards the end of the month (God willing no huge bills occur between now and then).  Will let you all know when I order it.

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  1. With the weights included, that sounds reasonable actually :) Keep us posted!