Thursday, April 19, 2012

better but not quite

So I am currently on:
  • one steroid shot to last for 4 weeks
  • Zyrtec-D 2x's daily
  • Singulair 1x's daily
  • antibiotic
  • Nasal spray 3x's daily
  • 2 different inhalers

I feel much better but I am still am having some issues breathing.  Since the pollen count is so high in our area (especially our block infested with Oak, which I am deathly allergic to) due to dry weather, the doctor basically said I won't feel great until we get a ton of rain.  Rain washes the pollen out of the air and reduces the pollen count.  We have gotten some showers over the last 24 hours but according to it hasn't been enough to improve the situation.  Our area is suppose to get a soaking rain on Sunday which is the answer to my prayers.  So until the Oak tassels fall to the ground and get washed away I am stuck in the house with the air conditioner on. 

My husband has started Les Mills Pump.  So far he likes it.  He keeps telling me how sore he is so it must be working.  Hoping that Monday will be my start date.

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