Friday, July 8, 2011

update and new find!

OK, I know that occasionally I go through these very quiet times on this blog.  I have been battling a medical issue that comes and goes.  When I go quiet it is due to dealing with it. I get so frustrated that I am not making progress that I just go quiet.  The health issue is related to my weight but, not caused by it.  I am so fed up with having health issues.  I will get this weight off if only to live happily again!!  But, I am going to get my black belt too!!!

While I have been sick the last two weeks I have not weighed myself.  From the way that my clothes are fitting I would say that I have not gained anything but probably haven't lost anything either.  I am still listening to Paul Mckenna's I Can Make You Thin CD's daily.  It is really changing the way I look at a lot of things in my life.  I highly suggest them to anyone!

I've also been looking for a good exercise DVD that I could do on a daily basis.  I have been looking for one for three months now.  The problem is that I need something that is a good workout but at my current fitness level and doesn't hurt my knee.  Well, I finally found one!!  This is a little embarrassing but I will share anyway.  It is a postnatal exercise DVD by Tae Bo.

It is low impact so no harm is done to my knee.  It is paced for people just getting back into working out.  And, it is broken up into five 10 minute long segments:
1)Get Moving -light cardio
2)Core and Abs
3)Upper body
4)Lower body

This is great because you can mix things up depending on your needs.  The whole DVD is about 60 minutes long.  The instructor is Billy Blank's daughter, Shellie Blanks Cimarosti, who amazingly gave birth only 10 weeks before the filming of this DVD.  But, just ignore all the pregnancy talk and focus on working out.  This DVD has given me some renewed hope of developing a steady daily routine for myself.
So, I hope you are all doing well.  I will be checking in again soon!!


  1. You're focused, which is key. You will succeed at this!

    My running is on hold at the moment. My knees shrieked at me rather loudly, so I shifted gears to the elliptical and more incline walking until they settle down a bit, and I'm continuing exercises to strengthen the surrounding structures in my legs. Well, when I'm not laid low by some nasty gastro-intestinal virus as I've been this past week, that is. Yucko. Ah well, I'm improving at least.

    Sounds like the DVD you found will be great!

  2. Amanda-Thank you for the encouragement!! Sorry about your knee and the bug. Hoping you feel better soon!!! Thanks for checking in with me!