Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Be water my friend ....or a Rhino

Does anyone remember when Bruce Lee was on the Dick Cavett show telling people to be like water?  It is a quote my husband and I toss around a lot as a joke.  It is our way to reminding one another to be inspired to obtain our goals.  OK, maybe it is a bit of an in joke between the two of us but you get the idea.

One thing my karate instructor always emphasised was goal setting.  This is not a strength of mine. I try to set goals and stayed focused but I get swayed by everyone else around me.  It is really easy to put your goals aside when your family/friends need things.  I find myself at the bottom of the list on a daily basis and we don't even have children.  Not sure how this always seems to happen.  But, I realize it is a flaw that I have to change.  I have the impression people think I forget about my goals or that I don't really want to achieve them. That is not the case at all.  I just find myself getting caught up in people pleasing instead of helping myself.  It is a bad, bad habit that gets me no where.

The other day our local TV station (WPVI) aired a segment during the news about Rhino Living.  I watched and was a bit intrigued.  Rhino Living is a goal setting system that a very successful Philadelphia businessman has created for himself and is now sharing it with others.  It is really pretty simple and common sense but it does help create and maintain your focus to get to a goal.  The creator, a man named Dave Magrogan, so believes in this method that he allowed the TV station to put an ebook about it up for free.

Here is a link to watch the clip my local news did on it http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/video?id=8218158
Here is where you can access the free ebook

My husband and I are working through the ebook.  It includes some pretty good information.  And, I am hoping it helps me zero in on my goals and stop going with the flow of other people's life so much. I want to stop being so much like water and much more like a Rhino!
I am hoping this helps you get to your goals!!

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