Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25

Well, my posting has slowed down but that doesn't mean I am not still working on getting my weight down.  I am going through another health issue, this one  related to the last one.  I will tell you guys since none of you actually know me .....I am either pregnant,  have ovarian cancer, or an ovarian cycst.  My money is on the ovarian cycst.  (sorry if that is all too much info.  sometime you just have to call a spade a spade) But, we won't really know for another two weeks.  While my health is totally out of whack I am really not too worried about things.
The symptoms I am having are making lossing weight difficult.  But, I am still trying.  Exercise right now isn't too easy either.
I am really hoping that in another two weeks everything thing will be back to normal.  We will see.


  1. Aren't girlie issues grand? I was just at my doc today and we're going to have loads of not-so-fun tests going on to rule out endometrial cancer. Assuming all's well, I'll be getting a loverly uterine ablation later on this year which tickles me no end.

    So... fingers crossed for both of us we're in the clear, Big C-wise!

  2. Oh Amanda, sorry to hear you are going through it as well! I will be keeping you in my thoughts as well. Please let me know how things go for you!!!